How Now Brown Cow comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of Cedar Summit Farm Were the cows trying to make their great escape, or was it just a case of operator error? Two out of three cattle being transported to a farm ended up on the side of the road! Read the details in the Peoria Journal Star

What Not To Wear In Kazakhstan comedy News

Six Czech dudes were arrested for “minor hooliganism” and fined $68 each in Kazakhstan for wearing lime green mankinis…think Borat. The tourists were trying to get a pic in front of the capital city’s sign. Get all the wacky details here

Take A Look At These Meat Eating Pants! Audio & Video comedy News

image via Stove Top Stuffing You have heard Marc talk about his various eating pants; meat eating, chicken wing eating, etc. Stove Top Stuffing people must have been tuned in…they have released Thanksgiving Dinner Eating pants that expand up to 3 times their original size, so eat all you want on Turkey Day…no need to […]

“I’m In A High Speed Chase, Bro!” Audio & Video comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of Daniel You shouldn’t Facebook Live and drive…especially if you have stolen a vehicle and are being chased by police…let alone chat with other drivers! Read the crazy news here and check out the video below

Nothing Says “Merry Christmas” Like A Pineapple? Audio & Video comedy News

image via Pinterest No room for a tree in your home for Christmas? Don’t want to deal with pesky needles and sticky sap? Are you jones-ing for a tropical treat after the holiday season? Then why not jump on the latest trend and decorate a pineapple for your holiday decor this year!! Seriously, read the […]

Yes, There Is Something Better Than A Bottle Of Ranch comedy News

image courtesy of flavourgallery.com The good people at Hidden Valley Ranch have “tapped” into exactly what their ranch obsessed customers need with this mini keg o’ ranch dressing that is designed to last you a year! For just $50, this lovely vessel filled with creamy goodness could be yours! Click here for all the details!

Check Out What Is Replacing The Ugly Holiday Sweater comedy News

image of Ugly Holiday Romper courtesy of Get On Fleek Forget those Ugly Sweater Holiday Parties…Rompers for men, or Romp-Hims are now available in holiday patterns! Check out the details of the most recent crime against fashion here