What Is This Cricket Doing In My Taco? comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of Gaby Av Excuse me waiter…I believe there is a cricket in my taco…said the Atlanta Hawks fan at Philips Arena! Cricket tacos were such a hit at Seattle Mariner’s park that the Hawks decided to put them on their menu as a taco filling! Crispy like a chip & savory […]

Dave Grohl, The Talk Show Host? Audio & Video comedy Music News

image via abc.go.com Jimmy Kimmel is taking time off from his show for his son’s heart surgery and has tapped Dave Grohl as one of his guest hosts! Tune in tonight to check out the Foo Fighter’s frontman’s hosting skills & don’t forget to be listening this Thursday for Foo Fighter’s Ticket Blitz & you […]

You Aren’t Going To Believe The Candy We Hate comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of WxMom A recent survey shows that candy corn is the most hated Halloween candy, despite the mass quantities that are sold each year! Read more candies that made the list here

Fantasy Fights: Freddy VS Jason comedy

image via flickr courtesy of John Jewell Text your vote….who would you rather be killed by? Freddy or Jason? Let your voice, or scream, be heard and you could win a pair of tickets to the 4th Annual CT Snowball Concert featuring Vance Joy! 309-689-3999 is the number to text, some fees may apply.

See Eddie Vedder’s Musical Tribute To David Letterman Audio & Video comedy Music News

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was on hand last night to help honor David Letterman with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor with a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me In Your Heart”.  Zevon was a good friend and frequent guest on Letterman’s show. The ceremony airs on PBS on November 20th Get the details […]

“Dad Dancing” Officially Begins At Age 37 Audio & Video comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of Tony Alter Hey fellas, “Dad Dancing” is one of the top 5 things that embarrasses your children, and your dancing officially becomes Dad-like at 37 years old! Read all the stats here

The Simpsons Celebrate Best Episode EVAH! Audio & Video comedy News

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of The Simpsons greatest episodes this Sunday with a satirical animated documentary, “Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson” Read details here