CT Festival Free For All
Get ready for another year of CT's Festival Free For All! Learn how you can qualify to win now!
CT Concert: Bastille
Use our special keyword at Ticketmaster for early ticket purchasing!
Peoria International Beer Festival
Join us at Expo Garden's for the 25th Annual Beer Fest!
Jason IsbellJason Isbell
CT Concert: Jason Isbell
Tickets go on sale January 27th! Join us May 6th for a fantastic show!
CT’s 2nd Annual Wing Fest
Join us for a cluckin' good time at the Peoria Riverfront!
Man’s Pants Catch Fire At Costco News

image via flickr courtesy of digihurl Costco customer’s pants caught on fire when his cell phone self combusted, and the store gifted him a new pair after he had to strip down to avoid injury! Question is, was he lying prior to the fire? Find out the details here

Being Separated From Your Phone Is Almost As Bad As PTSD Audio & Video News

image via flickr courtesy of Dru Bloomfield Scientists have found that the digital generation can get stressed out and start to panic when separated from their cell phones. Maybe we should start separating ourselves from our phones once in awhile! Having a  hard time wrapping your head around that statement? Read all the gory details […]