Bonnaroo19′ Interviews: Illiterate Light


Illiterate Light rocking the Who stage at Bonnaroo

The duo Illiterate Light creates a wall of sound that feels like a ton more musicians. Ahead of their performance at Bonnaroo 19′, Roxy got a chance to sit down with Jeff & Jake and chatted about what they think the key to being a cohesive band takes, the inspiration for their latest single “Carolina Lorelei”, being college grads, and their quest in creating a unique sound and experience in the genre of blues and rock. Check out the interview above and find out who Jeff’s rocker Uncle played with!  This Saturday, June 22nd, the Virginia duo opens for The Record Company at Glen Oak Park in a CT/Peoria Park District Show to celebrate 125 years of the Peoria Park District…I have a solid feeling the audience will fall in love, just like Roxy did!  Remember, never miss the opening acts!  Enjoy Illiterate Light and remember to be kind out there!


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