Bonnaroo19′ Interviews & Roxy’s Recon: Republican Hair

Artist Luke Dick of Republican Hair & Roxy

At 99.9 WWCT we are always on the look out for new music discovery & Roxy struck gold at Bonnaroo with the self described new wave-punk, or as he describes in our interview, “genre-fluid”,  outfit Republican Hair.  This righteous music making group is fronted by Luke Dick, a multi-talented artist that has also produced a documentary to be premiered at SXSW 19. The vibe is so fantastic from this Nashville based group! As soon as I heard their single “Duck A Bomb” (not the real title…but close!) I knew Republican Hair HAD to be my Recon, STAT!!!

I don’t have my hands on the “radio friendly” version of the song in question, and due to proprietary content am limited in what I can post from their Bonnaroo Hay Bale Session, but, if you aren’t offended by a bit of colorful language,  you can check out the original song here

Take a listen to Roxy’s interview with Republican Hair front-man Luke Dick below…we talk all about chickens…yeah, I said chickens…bawk bawk…Remember to keep waving your freak flag…you do you…just like Republican Hair!




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