Jukebox Comedy Club Comedian Jeff Richards comedy Community jukebox comedy

Tune in at 7:45 for a live interview with the Jukebox Comedy Club’s featured comedian Jeff Richards…he has been on Mad TV & SNL!!!! No access to the radio? Facebook live is your friend!  

Find Out Why Staying In Bed Is Good For You comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of katharine shields Science says that weekends were made for sleep and it is healthy for you! Catching up on sleep you lost during the week on your day off increases your life! Read the awesome details here  

Controversy Causing Cauliflower comedy News

image via flickr courtesy of Joy UK grocer Marks & Spencer faced ridicule over the sale of cauliflower steaks…a slice of the veg with a lemon and herb garnish neatly packaged in plastic and selling for twice the price as a whole head! They have since discontinued carrying the wasteful and overpriced trendy vegatarian delight. […]

Are You Ready For The “Meat Sweats”? Audio & Video comedy News

You too could sport the limited edition “Meat Sweats” from Arby’s by posting your meat-centric social media post with the hashtag #meatsweats Read the gluttonous details here

Fantasy Fights! Heat Miser VS Snow Miser Audio & Video comedy Contests

image via youtube Who will reign on this first day of Winter? Heat Miser or his nemesis the Snow Miser??? Text for your chance to win one of two $50 Hokkaido gift certificates!  

Unicorn Cereal Is Magical & Real! comedy News

Unicorn cereal has been readily available in the UK for some time, but it will make its way across the pond to the U.S. this spring! The breakfast treat looks suspiciously like Fruit Loops…Toucan Sam may have something to say about this! Get the delicious and magical details right here    

Check Out Dave Grohl As Wolf-Man Bouncer Audio & Video comedy Music News

image via flickr courtesy of Raph_PH Dave Grohl’s performance as an axe-weilding wolf-man doorman on an SNL sketch didn’t make it on the show last weekend due to time constraints, but we have the clip featuring the unrecognizable Foo frontman below. Read all about it here