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CT Local Music Showcase: Gonn


This week I have a tune from 1960’s garage band GONN. The group formed in 1966 in Keokuk Iowa and released one classic single and toured all over before disbanding in 1969. The group recorded more music during that time period that just did not get released. GONN continued to gain interest through out the 70’s and 80’s, including being featured on the Nuggets compilation. Also during the 1970’s, bandleader Craig Moore moved to Peoria, played in a number of local bands, and opened a string of record stores, including Younger Than Yesterday. In 1984, their second single, Doin’ Me In, was finally officially released. The band reunited in 1990 and has continued to get together occasionally since then. GONN just released a 50 year anniversary LP this last weekend and will be playing tomorrow at the Limelight. Enjoy a live version of Doin’ Me In recorded in 1990.

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