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Festival Free For All


Festival Free For All is BACK!

Win your choice of trip to America’s best music festivals

HangoutSummer CampBonnarooLollapaloozaForecastle

Each weekday morning at 7:20am, The CT Morning Blend with Roxy & Noah will give you the ‘FFFA Artist of the Day’

Listen weekdays from 8am-8pm for the ‘FFFA Artist of the Day’

When you hear them, text in the title of their song for your chance to qualify. If we contact you, you will qualify to win! There is NO LIMIT! You can qualify as many times as you’d like! We will be showcasing a different festival every week! GET READY TO START NEXT WEEK AND GOOD LUCK!

Thank you to our sponsor: Kenny’s Westside Pub, Peoria’s Home for Live Music!

Join us at Kenny’s on April 27th, 5pm for the Giveaway Party!!

To qualify, participant must listen to CT weekdays at 7:20 am, March 26-April 27, 2018, to hear the Festival Free For All artist of the day. When the Festival Free For All artists plays between 8am and 8pm, participants must text in the title of the song to 309-689-3999. Within 15 minutes one random texter will be picked to qualify.
To win, all qualifiers must be present at the giveaway party TBD. At the giveaway party qualifiers names will be randomly pulled to draw down to the final five qualifiers. The final five qualifiers will then be drawn in order, the first drawn will have the first choice of the grand prizes, the second name drawn will have the second choice of the grand prizes, etc.
There are five grand prizes. 1) The winner of The Hangout Festival (5/18-5/20/18) will receive two (2) three-day passes general admission passes to Hangout Music Festival 2018, two round trip flights, festival shuttle to and from your hotel, and hotel for the weekend. Please note airfare will run from Peoria to Pensacola and winner will need to arrange and is responsible for transportation from the Pensacola airport to their hotel and return to the airport. Prize is valued at est. $3,000.00. Prize is supplied by Advanced Media Partners. 2) The winner of the Summer Camp Festival (5/25-5/27/18) will receive a single round trip airfare from anywhere in the continental US to fly in a friend of your choice. Winner will also receive two VIP weekend passes to the festival. 3) The winner of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival (6/7-6/10/18) will receive camping and two general admission weekend passes to the festival. 4) The winner of the Forecastle Festival (7/13 – 7/15/18) will receive camping and two general admission weekend passes to the festival. 5) The winner of Lollapalooza (8/2-8/5/18) will receive hotel and 2 general admission weekend passes to the festival.
Prizes are non-transferable.

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