Roxy’s Recon 3/14 The Band CAMINO

image courtesy of The Band Camino Facebook page


Festival season is just around the corner, and it isn’t just a great way to see a ton of your favorite bands in a weekend, but a fantastic way to explore new music; and that is exactly how I happened upon The Band CAMINO. The Memphis based alt-rockers are on the line up of one of my favorite summer festivals, the Hangout. Now I know the fest isn’t until May, but I like to be informed and ready, so I was perusing the line up and the word Camino caught my eye, I’ve had a thing for Chevy El Caminos since my youth. In just a click I was listening to a guitar laden, blood pumping, hyper active track with gritty vocals and it just stuck in my noggin’. Check out their single “Heaven” below and don’t forget to check out the side stages at your next music festival adventure! ~Roxy


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