Roxy’s Recon-7/18: Preservation Hall Jazz Band “Keep Your Head Up”

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New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit, with diverse culture, music, and art everywhere you turn! The Preservation Jazz Band took a trip to Cuba in 2015 to explore and celebrate the island nation’s influence on the Crescent City and came away with a documentary, A Tuba in Cuba. “Keep Your Head Up”, a song off the doc’s sound track, is a feel good, funky, jazzy, heavily Latin influenced and bi-lingual collaboration with Cuban singer Eme Alfonso, and it will have you out of your seat and dancing to your own second-line! Band leader Ben Jaffe says the song’s message is simple with a big meaning, “Walk with your head held high, walk with pride, and live your life with grace and honor and an appreciation for all humanity. Don’t let things break you down and don’t allow anyone or anything to diminish your spirit.” We all need that message and reminder in our lives! I hope you can let this tune inspire you, check it out below,  Until next time…Be KIND out there!~Roxy




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