Roxy’s Recon 9/12/19: Royal Bliss “Paranoid”


You just never know when you might meet a touring band from Salt Lake City…it just could be at brunch on a Sunday in Peoria Heights. Let me set the scene…a group of tatted up dudes, all wearing black, walk in…one of my table mates exclaims “they look like a band!”…seriously, profiling much? So we ask, and I’ll be dipped, THEY ARE A BAND! Royal Bliss from Salt Lake City, Utah! They played Peoria the night before and needed some food in their bellies. Tremendously nice group of tatted-up dudes all-in-black, and their music ROCKS! Check out “Paranoid”, a track from their 10th studio album that released earlier this year. Ya’ jut never know where you might find new music! Enjoy!

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