Roxy’s Recon: Boygenius – Me And My Dog

Photo courtesy of Matador Records

I’ve said it before, there aren’t enough women in music, so I was tickled to stumble on this trio! boygenius is such a cheeky name, and I love it! 2 of the 3 had solo careers and one with the band Forrister when they kept bumping into one another on the road at festivals and signed to the same label (the same as Kurt Vile, BTW)…The trio decided to collaborate, and I am darn happy they did! There self titled EP releases tomorrow (November 9th) with 6 tracks they wrote in 4 days! “Me & My Dog” is lead by vocals from Phoebe Bridgers, but each of the three are highlighted on a track. Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus round out the trio and I am certain we will be hearing much more from boygenius!! Take a listen and let me know what you think!



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